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Lisa Beth Darling's books on Goodreads
The Heart of War The Heart of War (Of War, #1)
reviews: 83
ratings: 171 (avg rating 4.11)

Child of War - A God is Born Child of War - A God is Born (Of War # 2)
reviews: 42
ratings: 72 (avg rating 4.49)

Christmas Eve On Olympus Christmas Eve On Olympus (OF WAR)
reviews: 18
ratings: 37 (avg rating 4.16)

Child of War-Rising Son Child of War-Rising Son (OF WAR #4)
reviews: 10
ratings: 32 (avg rating 4.31)

Women of War Women of War (Of War #5)
reviews: 10
ratings: 15 (avg rating 4.33)

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They will find out what is unique about you, and they will destroy you for it.
Jon Stewart speaking on bullying and the mob mentality

Writing with a strong passionate flare that never flinches, Lisa Beth Darling is a multi-genre author who defiantly ventures where other writers fear to tread. Daring the reader to delve deep into the dark she creates stories filled with heart stopping action, gripping drama, nail biting suspense, and hot steamy sex. This is dark romance at its gritty best. ALL FICTION works are intended for Members of A Mature Adult Audience who love to submerse themselves in the rich seduction of worlds full of love, lust, rage, redemption, obsession, betrayal and madness. They are not typically for those who are faint of heart or for those who enjoy an overly sweet read.

By clicking the covers and links below you will enter a myriad of worlds from the heights of Olympus to life in a small New England town. Enter and discover characters bold and brash as Ares God of War, Colonel Kevin Smith and Richard Mason along with villains so dark and ruthless you'll love-to-hate them.



The OF WAR Series

This series of critically acclaimed Dark Adult Novels with a paranormal flavor revolves around Ares God of War the Alpha Male Supreme and Maggie MacLeod a Fey who washes up on the shore of his secluded isle and turns his world upside down. 18+ Only Please. This series contains several scenes of graphic sex and violence. This series is complete.

the heart of war lisa beth darling

child of war a god is born lisa beth darling

christmas eve on olympus lisa beth darling

child of war rising son lisa beth darling

women of war lisa beth darling

kingdoms of war lisa beth darling

of war complete series ebook lisa beth darling

OF WAR Complete

The Doc Series

Hot Adult Erotic Romance begins one lonely summer night when Doctor Richard Mason walks into a bar and is picked up by a beautiful mystery woman. This series is complete.

on a hot summer night by lisa beth darling

cold november rain by lisa beth darling

regret me not by lisa beth darling

Sister Christian Series

In this adult family drama, Doctor Richard Mason discovers that, not only is he adopted but he's also been put in charge of his mentally and physically disabled sister, Hannah Rice. Dark family secrets are revealed as Mason peels back the layers of Hannah's lonely life.

**This is not a 'Christian' or 'Religious' series per say. Further, The Doc and Sister Christian are unrelated.**

genesis by lisa beth darling

sins of the father by lisa beth darling

mysterious ways by lisa beth darling


obsession by lisa beth darling

dream weaver lisa beth darling

the limikkin lisa beth darling

shame of eminent domain fort trumbull lisa beth darling

window to magickal herbalism lisa beth darling

sex love magick lisa beth darling

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