Thomas, Marjorie and Anna Darling
My Aunts and Uncle

Welcome to my Darling Family Genealogy and History site. I hope you will find many things here which will aid in your research. Even if you're not sure if you're related to a Darling you may find some information which will help you, especially if you're researching ancestry in the New England states from about 1600 thru 1880 or so. If you should find that we are related in some way, please drop me an e-mail and let me know! However, my own genealogical journey has ended I am no longer active in updating this portion of my website. Please do not email me looking for more information on any given line. This portion of the site represents the sum total of my work.

Sections & Files for the surname DARLING
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DARLING Vital Records arranged by State currently there are 43 states, Washington DC and some Canadian information here. Information is arranged by State and includes birth, marriage, death, and census records. State and city directories and other helpful DARLING tid-bits of information. All files are in .txt, .doc or .jpg format for easy transfer to your own computer.

Darling War Records contains many interesting and useful files for Darling's who served in the Revolutionary War, Civil War, War of 1812, World War I and a few more interesting files.

Town Histories & Published Genealogies for the surname DARLING. Includes a downloadable copy of The Darling Family In America as well excerpts from several New England town histories and sources.

TAG The American Genealogical-Biographical Indexes for the surname DARLING. This link will take you from this site to my mirror site.

Origin & History of the surname Darling Interesting bit of heraldry and ancestral information.

George Darling and his wife Katherine These are my ancestors. George was born between 1615-1620 in Scotland and died 1693 Salem, MA. I have put together an interesting and informative historical accounting of his life and times.

John Darling b. abt. 1633 d. 1713 Salem, MA. This line is unrelated to my own Darling line. John's wife was Mary Bishop. On this page you can read an historical accounting of his life and the diary of his great-grandson John Darling may be accessed here.

The DARLING Databases. In order to by-pass the stupid ad for please Click Here and FOLLOW the instructions below.

For the database concerning George Darling's descendants please click the link marked 'moonmistress'.

To access the database concerning the descendants of Descendants of Denice Darling and Hannah Francis, John Darling & Mary Bishop as well scant information on the lines of Richard Darling and Abigail Messenger and those of John Darling and Elizabeth Downham, please click the link above then click the link marked 'moonmistress2'.

To learn more about lines related to the Salem Witch Trials please click here then type "witchtrials" (no quotes) in the 'specific database' section. I'm very sorry for the inconvenience but I can't circumvent the darn ad!

Related Lines & Other Surnames & The Witch Trials

This is the Big Catch All Page. In my research I have been able to fill in some of my family lines back to the early 1600's and some even earlier. For those of you who aren't necessarily researching the surname Darling but are looking into ancestry in the New England states, New York as well, you may wish to check out the Related Lines. ancestry and descendant charts. This portion of the site has been updated to include genealogy reports for the surnames; BEEBE, BLOOD (3 lines), BRYANT (2 lines), KING (2 lines) GILSON, GOWING, PERKINS, ROGERS, TOWNE, WARD, WILLARD(2 lines), WHITTIER, and WOOD. Along with descendant charts for those listed above you will find a bunch of files and information for different surnames that I've been researching throughout the years. You will find interesting tid bits of information on the Salem Witch Trials (several of my lines had something to do with the Witch Trials).

Also includes such useful source information as;
Epitaphs at Lynn, Massachusetts from the History of Lynn by Alonzo Lewis & Newhall
Epitaphs at Groton, Massachusetts from the History of Lynn by Alonzo Lewis and Newhall.
Groton, Massachusetts Church Records from the Groton Historical Series by Dr. Samuel Green.
Groton, Massachusetts Births and Marriages A large but still partial recording of births and marriages at Groton by Caleb Butler.
Historical Sketch of Groton by Dr. Samuel Green.
Pepperell, Massachusetts Family lists of Births, Marriages and Deaths by Caleb Butler.
Pepperell, Massachusetts Historical Notes by Reverand Emerson as published by Caleb Butler.
Dunstable, Massachusetts in the War of 1812.
Universalist Society Dunstable, Massachusetts. Constitution, purpose and by-laws many signers are listed on this document. Including several DARLING, BLOOD and JOHNSON men listed in the main database.
Excerpts from The Farnsworth Memorial about the BLOOD family.
Inscriptions of BLOOD Family Tombs by Dr. Samuel Green. Most are found in the Old Burial Ground in Groton, Massachusetts.
Large Excerpts from The Story of the BLOODs. By Harris
Excerpts from The NUTTING Genealogy
The FULLER Genealogy is listed in full in. jpg format
Early BRYANT in Plymouth, Massachusetts as taken from the Plymouth, Massachusetts Vital Records

NEW!!!! Witch Trials Lines Once just a database on this site it has grown to encompass its own section. It is small but useful for anyone who believes they have Witch Trial Ancestry. Most information does concentrate on the Salem Witch Trials but other areas are also represented.

All files & information on the Genealogy Section of this site are completely free and available for download to your own computer. In fact, I encourage that practice on this page. Print out or download anything and everything that is of interest to your own genealogy work so that you can sort through all of it to make connections.

If you would like to contact me please feel free to e-mail me.