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Lisa Beth Darling

Dark Adult Romance Novels

They will find out what is unique about you, and they will destroy you for it.
Jon Stewart speaking on bullying and the mob mentality

child of war a god is born,lisa beth darling,of war series
Author: Lisa Beth Darling
Publisher: Moon Mistress Publishing
Length: 428 pages
Copyright: 2011
Book #2 in the OF WAR Series

Child of War
A God is Born

ADULT Excerpt/Preview


Genre: Fiction Adult Novel

Categories: Dark Paranormal Romance Erotica

"Untie me, please," she whispered as she reached out for him against the Bonds. She wanted to rake his nails down his back and then over his firm ass, pulling and pushing him and the toy in deeper.

"Tempting, but no. Cum for me, now." Rising up on his knees, Ares reached down, grabbed hold of her knees, pushed them up to her ears as his cock hardened still and began to pulse inside her.

Alena was almost there, almost, but she wanted to ride the wave of passion a little higher and little longer before giving in to it.

Ares used her legs to twist Alena onto her side below him, one of her legs through his and the other stretched up to his shoulder. He held her down by the force of his weight, his toes ground into the mattress as he gave a harder thrust. His hands now free, they roamed up and down her exposed flank, over a heaving breast and then moved to pin down her hands so desperately searching for him, pushing them roughly into the pillows. At the touch of his skin on hers, she let out a little squeal and then a deep moan. "I said now. Do it."

Whatever he wanted, whatever he commanded, how could she resist? Alena let that crashing wave come down again and wash over her as it swept her away. Toes curling, arms still trying to resist the grasp upon them and every muscle in her body strained upward begging for more, she greeted him. The foot between his legs wrapped around his upper thigh while the one near his shoulder found its way around his upper back. Both of them clamped down, giving her hips more leverage to grind, to squeeze, and reach the pinnacle of delight and desire.

Always wanting to be a benevolent Master but never able to ignore his cruel streak, once Ares found that sweet spot deep inside of her he didn't let up. Alena just kept cumming below him. As long as he kept it up she'd wouldn't be able to stop, but there was a fine line between incredible sexual prowess and torture. Her slender body stiff, her breasts standing straight up nearly staring at him with those hard nipples, breath scarce in her lungs as the hot musky fluid continued flowing over him, Alena began turning blue. The hand at her wrists descended quickly to wrap around her throat, just the touch of it brought her higher but when it closed down like a vice she started to convulse as though she had been possessed by some divine spirit. The headboard rattled as the wind kicked up and began blowing a gale, forcing the waves harder into the rocks, crashing with an echoing resound.

"Air," Ares muttered and bent closer to her, "open your eyes, woman, see what you are doing."

Opening her eyes was so hard; she didn't have the energy to flutter her lids or the will to concentrate on doing so but she tried. The lids opened a crack to see the night sky darkening overhead and to feel the cold wind blowing on her naked skin. Ares glanced off to the right and her gaze followed to see dozens of waterspouts dancing on the rising waves and dust devils twirling on the shore.

"This is why we are so good together. This is why you're mine and I'm yours. Always."

Alena didn't know she was doing it, she didn't feel anything but Ares, in her, over her, on her and all around her. She felt his heat and it made her lighter than a hot air balloon, she never wanted to come back down to Earth. Fire feeds off Air; just as it warms it and makes it lighter, the fuel she fed his Fire cause it to flash and engulf both of them until it burned itself out. The waterspouts and dust devils dancing so magickally moved toward each other; in the water they merged and the same happened on land until there was a waterspout fifty feet high throwing Poseidon's water and his fish far and wide, while on the shore a small tornado roared, kicking up sand in all directions. Each exploded outward when the couple on the bed could climb no higher and they lay breathless, sweaty, and completely spent on the bed.

It took him a few moments but when the strength began returning to Ares' arms, he reached up and untied the knots on the Bonds. Her arms fell to the bed as he rolled off her and lay next to her. Happy exhausted gray eyes stared back at him while he picked up her arm, held it high in the air and then let go. It fell to the bed with a little plop. He did it again and got the same result.

When he tried a third time Alena pulled it away weakly. "What are you doing?"

"Checking your tension meter. I don't seem to be finding any."

"Nope, none." She moved closer to him and wrapped her tired arms around him. "But I'm not done with you yet. Just give me a moment to recuperate."

Ares chuckled as he took her up in his arms and looked around. The table lay on its side, blown over by the force of the small tornado, and the fire was greatly diminished by the sand and water that washed up on the shore. "I think you broke some of your wine bottles."

"I'll get more," she replied in a happy daze and then drew in a long deep breath to fill her aching lungs. "You first." Although it took a good bit of doing, Alena dragged herself up and untied one of the Bonds on the headboard. "What do you say? My turn?"

Ares looked at the strand of magick silk in her hand as his upper lip curled and his eyes began to sparkle. "When did you get so bold?"

"Tonight." She reached out and hauled him upward by one of his brawny arms, then moved behind him. Ares thought she intended to harness him to the bed the way he had done, but she had other plans. Strength coming back into her as her mind filled with delightful thoughts, she tied his hands behind his back, low near the small of his back so that when she pushed him back to the mattress his own weight held him down. Alena looked at the array of the items, knowing what most of them were but wondering about some and knowing that he'd show her their uses in the not too distant future. An event to look forward to with great anticipation. Ares stirred something in her tonight and her curiosity was piqued; she wanted to know something and to show him the same thing. No other man in their bed was a good policy, but that didn't mean they couldn't try other things just as he'd done earlier with the little vibrator still humming on the bed.

Crawling over, she kissed his neck and then sunk her teeth over it just below his right ear; Ares let out a low moan and shiver as she settled over him. "I think now you're mine and you'll just have to do as I say, won't you?" she whispered heatedly as her hands grabbed at his head and ran through his hair, twisting long raven tendrils around her fingers as they went.

This seemed like a much better game than the one he'd played with Aphrodite, and Ares found himself desperately hoping that the Goddess of Love was up on Olympus watching them and seething with envy. "Whatever you want, my Lady."

"Just call me Mistress," she dared and moved down on him, letting her hands and her tongue explore every ripped, muscled inch as they had been earlier denied.

"Mistress," Ares mumbled, "I like it."

"I thought you might; now be a good boy and let me do what I want."


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