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Lisa Beth Darling

Dark Adult Romance Novels

They will find out what is unique about you, and they will destroy you for it.
Jon Stewart speaking on bullying and the mob mentality

erotica, erotica suspense,novel,story,adult,drama,dream weaver,lisa beth darling,romance, novel,suspense,mystery,intrigue,stalker
A story of Steamy Romance, Gritty Suspense, & Dark Obsession. Enter a world where even the sweetest of dreams can turn into a nightmare.

Dream Weaver
by Lisa Beth Darling

(Picking up mid-chapter)

"No," he corrected, "I want us to work on the script and the screenplay. I know distance is a problem but with computers and e-mail these days we can do it, don't you think?" Lizzie loved the computer and he knew it he also knew that was his in with her as far as this proposal went. He sat back and watched her think about it. She seemed stumped and taking note of their surroundings, he realized the restaurant was closing. They'd sat here for almost an hour and a half and not once did she ask him a Through the Mirror question. Nothing about this episode or that episode or how did he feel about…whatever. He'd expected her to gush or squeal or cry or something upon meeting him as so many of his fans did. This was something Michael never got used to though he did get through it every time it happened. The more he sat here with her the more he became assured that Lizzie was not a fan-addict in disguise or otherwise. Lizzie was just as down-to-earth in person as she tended to be in her e-mails. She looked so pretty sitting there with soft blush of color lighting up her cheeks. Michael realized something else; he wasn't quite ready for their evening to end. "What do you say we go for a walk by the Falls?" Michael suggested. "I think they're about to kick us out of here."

"Hum?" Lizzie looked around and saw he was right. "Oh, ok." She stuttered.

They took the elevator down from the Skylon Tower. Upon exiting, they walked across the large park to the stonewall with the rushing Falls behind. "Do you like it here?" Michael asked.

"I love it," Lizzie replied, "aren't they beautiful?" She asked and fished in her purse for her new digital camera. "Do you mind?"

"Oh, no." Michael went to step away from the wall and out of the shot.

"No, I mean, do you mind if I take your photograph?"


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