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Lisa Beth Darling

Dark Adult Romance Novels

They will find out what is unique about you, and they will destroy you for it.
Jon Stewart speaking on bullying and the mob mentality

erotica, erotica suspense,novel,story,adult,drama,dream weaver,lisa beth darling,romance, novel,suspense,mystery,intrigue,stalker
A story of Steamy Romance, Gritty Suspense, & Dark Obsession. Enter a world where even the sweetest of dreams can turn into a nightmare.

Up until this very moment, Lizzie had no idea that her hips were an erogenous zone though it seemed Michael was aware of that as he worked the area with his tongue and she wiggled below him. The space between her legs twitched with longing to feel that same tongue sliding along the dampening folds. She wanted to guide his head to it but not all men liked that and not all men did that so while her hands grabbed at thick tufts of his hair she didn’t try to move him.

In the end, she didn’t have to. When he was done sucking and kissing her delectable hip, he slowly made his way over to that musky area tempting him to taste. His tongue gliding from her hip to the joint holding her leg to the space between them where he stopped for a mercilessly long time licking and kissing the soft sinewy flesh there until Lizzie thought she would scream for him to do it. Her hips pushed further toward him and angled toward his mouth but he was not in any hurry tonight and he just kept working her while those silky tufts of hair caressed the soft flesh of her inner thighs.

Michael opened his eyes as just the tip of his tongue found the place she’d been waiting for him to reach and then retreated. Lizzie opened her eyes as she sucked in a breath and let out a little sigh. “Please?” She tilted her hips toward him.

“Please what?” He teased and licked the lips between her legs with the flat of his moist tongue tingling with the taste of her. “Please do that?”

“Yes, more.” She begged quietly and watched him settled between the soft patch of hair between her legs. “Please?”

Michael took in deep a breath letting the wanton heady scent of her fill him mind and body before he exhaled it slowly onto the pair of lips begging for his kiss. Above him, Liz moaned again and he glanced up to see her eyes close when the flat of his tongue found its home again she bit down on her bottom lip and let out a deep moan that made his cock twitch. Tangy and sweet the taste of her rolled around on his tongue as it dripped from her like honey drips in long soft thick sweet drops from a beehive in the middle of summer. Michael made it his mission in life to coax every single drop from her tonight. After all, he did have Dennis Johnson’s reputation to live up to not to mention his own.

Lizzie’s slender hand reached down between her legs and gently pulled back the folds of flesh for him. Then there was something cool and bubbly tickling on his tongue. Michael looked up to see her staring back at him with passionate eyes as she trickled champagne from the crystal glass. Refreshing as a cool spring from a mountainside it mixed and mingled with the tangy taste of her. My kind of woman, he thought, maybe she did know how to do all of those things she wrote about with such eloquence. Wouldn’t he be the luckiest boy in the world if that were the case? Michael folded his tongue to catch the champagne and funnel it inside of her. Lizzie giggled as the bubbles burst and tickled her and he drank it down and out of her until the glass was empty. Before he could go further, she was tugging on his arms pulling him upward toward her.

Good and faithful married man that he was, Michael had no condoms in his penthouse suite. Liz was refilling the glass, she handed it to him as he hovered over her and Michael took a long drink. His lips coming down over hers again he shared the champagne with her and as their tongues danced around. Her hands free they tugged at the elastic waistband of his silk pjs until she pushed them down over his hips and when she found her arms too short for the job, Liz raised her legs up on his thighs until she pushed her toes under the band and rid him of the troublesome material that separated them. Hands free to roam as they wanted she pushed his long hair aside and did something she had always wanted to do since the very first episode of Through the Mirror. Every time Dennis Johnson turned his head there was a thick muscle that stuck out in his neck and it ran from his left ear all the way down to his collarbone. For the last decade or so, more than just about anything else about him, Lizzie wondered what that particular area tasted like. Soft quivering lips explored that tender area and over her Michael let out a moan. She could spend forever right here, just like this, licking and sucking this particular spot on him as he sighed and moaned in her ear. The heat between them grew with the passion that had been building and going denied between them let loose from its prim and proper cage. Liz’s tongue and lips explored every inch of the nape of his neck winding their way up and down and around and around. To lay here with him like this throughout time as his hips ground against her that hard part of him waiting just outside her door was more than she could ever ask for.

Suddenly three ugly words in their shrill voice of their owner rang in her head; Don’t get attached.

Therefore, she wouldn’t. It was just for tonight and no one would ever know.

Just tonight. That’s all. Just tonight. That would be more than enough.

End SEXcerpt for Dream Weaver by Lisa Beth Darling
The Above may not be reproduced, in whole or in part, in any manner. Copyright 2010. All Rights Reserved


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