4 Stars Athenna, Paranormal Haven: "Ares is a giant ass, he lives up to his reputation of the god of war. But it was amazing to watch him fall in love with Alena and change his whole world for her. The bedroom scenes are very hot and steamy it will leave you wanting more."

4 Stars-Bitten By Books: "It was fascinating watching their romance and self discovery (kind of funny for immortals) and was very well written. While extremely violent at times, I really enjoyed the two working together during the battle between the druids and Ares. As the God of War, you would think Ares would be more “macho” but he fought alongside Maggie/Alena

5 Stars, Sophia Rose, Delighted Reader: "The characters were well drawn and this is Ms. Darling's strength IMHO. Aries was one hunky god and Maggie was his opposite in appearance, but they were so right for each other the way they were written. I really appreciated how Lisa Beth wrote her Aries. He was a real god of war with all the brute strength, rough edges, and fiery nature. He is not even likeable in the beginning of the book. Maggie is equally well drawn. She is so spunky and she has a powerful love even though she is a relatively ordinary-looking woman. I love how the Olympians are present as characters and those from other myths mentioned."

5 Stars, Lori Zalewski, BTS eMag: "Ares, the God of War, captures the imagination as a complex and charismatic protagonist. Darling masterfully blends his Greek God of War traits--strong, dominant, violent, and moody--with an incredibly sexy and passionate lover. In the end, she creates a hero to die for. The author provides the perfect complement to Ares with the strong-willed and compassionate Alena. Their chemistry is explosive, dramatic, and passionate. This couple will haunt you long after you have finished reading their tale."

4 Stars, Chelle Olson, Literal Addiction: "If you're a fan of mythology you will absolutely love this book! It's an action packed thrill ride full of twists and turns and surprises you'd never see coming. It had steamy romance, gut churning violence, heart pumping action sequences, witty dialogue, vivid imagery, & head scratching mystery and intrigue."

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