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The Heart of War

Genre: Fiction Adult

Categories: Dark Adult Paranormal Romance Erotica

They will find out what is unique about you, and they will destroy you for it.
Jon Stewart speaking on bullying and the mob mentality

the heart of war,heart of war,ares,alena,lisa beth darling,lb darling,romance,novel,story,erotica,greek,gods,mythology,steamy romance
Book Details:
Title: The Heart of War
Author: Lisa Beth Darling
Publisher: Moon Mistress Publishing
Length: 526 pages
Copyright: 2011
Book #1 in the OF WAR Series

Alena's lips moved away from his and to his neck. "I do so love the way you taste." She sighed and began nibbling below his ear. "The way you feel. I can't stop touching you." Indeed, she could not. Her hands ran wild, with minds of their own, all over him. All she knew was the sensation of his flesh below her palms but not which direction they would take or when and where they could stop to knead him, caress him, and drink in as much as they could of him.

To the best of his recollection, Alena was the softest thing he'd ever touched. "That's good because I don't want you to." Softer than pillows or feathers. Softer than the most luxurious silks was her touch as it glided over him. Ares' own hands slid down her back and over her firm ass to grab one cheek in each hand as her lips and then her teeth clamped down over his neck. He wished that he were Mortal so that he could bare the passionate badge of the hickey she was bestowing on him for more than an hour or so. He wanted the world to know that he belonged to her and her to him and there was no one else. Then those hot lips and that moist overly-long tongue were working their way past his neck and down his chest where her hands were still roaming wild in time to her pulsing heart beating below the breasts heaving against him. Down she went until her hands settled on the leather pants at his waist and deftly undid the strap that held them together. Ares let out a sigh of relief when she opened the restrictive leather setting his bulging cock free. It prickled with life as it twitched and stretched upward at the feel of her breath falling on the tip. Her hands slid past it and down his hips, over his inner thighs and then past his hips again as she kissed, licked, and suckled him from his chest to his flanks and then to those thighs tight with anticipation. All the while, her breath and her hair fell on that pulsing twitching part of him while her hands and her tongue escaped him until he could not take it any longer. "Please?"

Alena's heart skipped a beat as his pleading request; she brought her mouth closer to its ultimate goal until her lips settled just over the tip. "Please...wh-at." She whispered.

Ares' hips rose off the sand as they probed around looking for the source of the hot wind that fled over him. "Please take me."

Alena's fingers wound the rest of the way down his inviting body to the hard shaft between his legs that protruded upward past his belly button toward his washboard stomach and that masculine patch of hair on his chest. The tool wielded by the God of War was beyond anything she had seen even in the pornography she sometimes watched when she lived in Boston alone at night in her bedroom. She could hardly believe she'd had it all inside of her and could have begged for more. "Say you're mine." Even if it is just for tonight, please, please, please... "Say you're mine." Long, soft fingers wrapped around the bulging shaft and the God of War let out a heated sigh as she began to pump him, her lips hovering just over him making the heat between them moist with her breath.

Looking down at her, he smiled a little bit realizing the dominant had suddenly become the submissive and was glad for it. "I am helpless before you, woman."

Alena licked away the saliva beginning to ooze from the corners of her mouth. She bent her head and took him into her mouth as far as she dared. Ares grunted and pounded the sand at his sides as her tongue danced around him and her hand pumped his hot shaft coaxing it further and further down her slender throat. The taste was divine, the feel of it, like granite wrapped in silk. It slid over her tongue, down her throat, and all she wanted was more. The hands in the sand grabbed the sides of her head and his firm hips rose high in the air to meet her mouth and stayed there, hovering, waiting, anticipating, the release of the pressure building up within and eruption to follow.

First, the God of War froze from head to toe, he let out a howl as his eyes rolled back in his head and he bolted to a half sitting position.

The eruption that accompanied the wanton howl seemed to rain down in buckets of warm cherries. Not wanting to waste what he was so kind as to give her, Alena took down as much as she could letting the intriguing taste linger on her tongue. No other man tasted like cherries. Most of them were salty as the ocean and smelled as fowl at the bottom of a deep bog. Not Ares. Like the touch and the scent of him, the taste left her wanting more.

One moment sitting half upright, frozen in place and bathed in sweat, the next Ares collapsed to the sand, gasped for breath and began to shake uncontrollably. Looking up at him, Alena became frightened. "My Love?" She asked as she slithered up him and pushed the hair away from his sweaty brow. "My Love?"

"The things you do to me, woman. It is I who is glad you washed ashore on my island." Grabbing the back of her head, he brought her down for another long passionate kiss.


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