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The Heart of War The Heart of War
reviews: 55
ratings: 122 (avg rating 4.10)

Child of War - A God is Born Child of War - A God is Born (Of War # 2)
reviews: 28
ratings: 47 (avg rating 4.43)

Christmas Eve On Olympus Christmas Eve On Olympus (OF WAR)
reviews: 12
ratings: 20 (avg rating 4.45)

Dream Weaver Dream Weaver
reviews: 2
ratings: 13 (avg rating 4.31)

Child of War-Rising Son Child of War-Rising Son (OF WAR #4)
reviews: 6
ratings: 15 (avg rating 4.40)

the heart of war lisa beth darling
The Heart of War

child of war lisa beth darling
Child of War-A God is Born

christmas eve on olympus lisa beth darling
Christmas Eve on Olympus

rising son lisa beth darling
Child of War-Rising Son

rising son lisa beth darling
Women of War

window on herbs lisa beth darling
A Window To
Magickal Herbalism

sex love magick lisa beth darling
Sex Love Magick

the shame of eminent domain lisa beth darling
The Shame of Eminent Domain;
Fort Trumbull

dream weaver lisa beth darling
Dream Weaver

obsession lisa beth darling

the limikkin lisa beth darling
The Limikkin

indian leap,yantic,norwich,connecticut,waterfall,photography
Photography Gallery

lisa beth darling,adult romance,ares god of war,paranormal,book,novel,story

They will find out what is unique about you, and they will destroy you for it.
Jon Stewart speaking on bullying and the mob mentality

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Brandy smiles glad to be away from home for the night tomorrow she'd deal with Frank but tonight there wasn't anyone but her and Gary. She waits a moment until he's finished and puts the Styrofoam container on the nightstand before she leans in and kisses him. Soft lips over his make Gary's heart beat faster. Brandy's hands are in his hair now gently pulling the hair tie free and letting his sandy mane fall around his face. She breaks their embrace to gaze at him. "You're very handsome," she compliments and he is. Gary is much better looking than Frank will ever be and the man doesn't have a single gray hair in his head yet. Maybe he colors it, she thinks but then thinks again, no the highlights are too natural. Then again in his income bracket a good colorist is easy to hire. As is a good dermatologist who can inject you with things like collagen and BoTox so those little lines around your eyes and on your forehead are less noticeable. However, she doesn't think he's one of those types as she stares into those piercing blue eyes. He might spend half of his time in New York City among the thespians but he doesn't strike her as metrosexual or someone vainly concerned with the way he looks. She follows his gaze to see he's looking at her bare legs and from those eyes he's probably wondering how they'd feel wrapped around his waist. So is she.

"Why'd you do that?" Gary asks softly and reaches out to touch her drying hair. "Paying for dinner and your nights lodging?" She looks away from him with a bit of shame in her amber eyes. "I don't think the 8.95 I spent on you tonight is equivalent to what you're suggesting."

"No?" She asks wondering what more he wants.

"No, I think you're getting ripped off." He says with a sly smile.

"I don't." Brandy returns quietly as she thinks that what she'd like to rip off is that shirt so she can find out if he takes just as good care with the rest of him as he does his warmly handsome face. She leans in for another kiss but he backs away.

"Oh, I do." Gary says. "Been a while since I was with a woman, Brandy, this might be quick." What am I doing here with a girl half my age?

"You can make up for it on the second round." She suggests coyly no longer feeling shame or guilt over what she's about to do.

"You don't have to do this."

"I know." This time when she leans in to kiss him Gary doesn't pull away instead he wraps his strong arms around her young lithe body and brings her in close to him. Outside lightning ignites the sky followed by a crashing clap of thunder.

The electricity goes out in Limikkin Village but it crackles with life in the old motel room. Somewhere off in the distance a church bell rings letting everyone know the midnight hour has arrived.

With no light and no candles Gary has only his hands to guide him on this journey he reaches down and pulls the YALE sweatshirt over Brandy's head. Her young body is still chilly to the touch but it's warming nicely below his roaming hands. He kicks off his Hush Puppies, wraps one leg around hers and yanks her in closer to him pinning her to him as he hands explore her lower back to find she's already rid herself of whatever panties she may have been wearing. Then again, perhaps she hadn't been wearing any at all and the while time she sat next to him in the car with those long legs perched on his dashboard he'd only to reach over and part them to see the fury space between. The thought excites him more than he already is the hard cock trapped inside his khakis screams for freedom.

Brandy's slender hands don't take their time with the polo as her lips leave his to bring the shirt over his head so she can snuggle her ample bosom close to his skin and take in the intoxicating scent of his cologne. His short nails dig into the flesh at her ass when she whispers in his ear; "How do you want it?"

"Get on your knees." His leg unwraps from hers and he watches her shape in the darkness as she perches on her knees with her back to him. Gary finishes undressing himself and settles in behind her. "Grab the headboard," he whispers and enters her without flourish or fanfare. Brandy's hole is as tight as it young and she lets out a painful groan as he pushes all the way into her and she grabs the headboard to keep her body steady. It bangs against the wall in time with his thrusts. Both of them hope there's no one in the next room. One hand reaches around to grab a handful of her plump breast and the other slaps against the firm mound of her ass and the nipple in his hand hardens as the space between her legs gets wetter. She's not a whore she's just a girl he tells himself but finds Brandy is far from complaining about his roughness as the curve of her ass presses itself into his pelvis eagerly awaiting his next stroke. He smacks her again and a loud Crack! Pierces the air as he pierces her body.

"Mmmm, yeah," Brandy moans, "do it like that, don't stop. Fuck me." She's used to a little slap n tickle and Gary is so much better at it than Frank ever dreamed of being.

A heavy bead of sweat breaks out on his forehead as Gary tweaks the nipple in his hand and the walls around him grow wetter and tighter still. She likes it a little rough, that's good, so does he. Gary's quite accustomed to getting whatever he wants in bed, after all aspiring starlets will do anything to get the part and 'anything' usually takes place in the director's bed. Gary's bed. Which could be another reason why his wife, Misty, left him but Gary never thought of that and probably never will. "I wanna put it in your ass," he grunts as the fire in his belly sparks to a full blaze.

"Later," she whispers back, "do it like this now."

Just the prospect of being inside that young ass was enough to make him blow his load. He couldn't help it and he couldn't control it but he tried to pull out before he could finish. Not that it made any difference if she really couldn't get pregnant and it was far too late to worry about STDs now.

Brandy lets out a disappointed groan when she feels his hot load shoot on her ass. That's all right she's accustomed to being left unsatisfied at times like this.

"Sorry," Gary mutters in an embarrassed tone, "I tried to warn you."

Brandy turns around and sits on the bed. "Don't worry about it." She says and then adds lightly, "I hear it's a common problem with guys your age." Brandy cocks her head to the side as she flips her hair behind her shoulder and raises her eyebrow at him.

End Sexcerpt for The Limikkin by Lisa Beth Darling

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