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Child of War-Rising Son

Genre: Fiction Adult

Categories: Dark Adult Paranormal Romance Erotica

They will find out what is unique about you, and they will destroy you for it.
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lisa beth darling,child of war,ares,alena
Book Details:
Title: Child of War-Rising Son
Author: Lisa Beth Darling
Publisher: Moon Mistress Publishing
Length: 661 pages
Copyright: 2012
Paranormal/Immortal Romance, Drama
Book #4 in the OF WAR Series

"Trinity?" He called out.

"HERE!" They all called back.

"No, not you. Her! Trinity! Look at me I want to help you. I want to get you out of here but you have to help me do it. Turn around, please. Turn around."

In the cage near the middle of them all, the girl who sat still and quite with her head resting unnaturally on her shoulder turned around and watched him gasp. "What?" Trinity asked through lips nothing more than shredded meat. She stared him, her head on her shoulder, her face smashed in, and one eyeball bulging out of its socket. When he flinched, she gave a smile nearly hideous enough to freeze the raging river below her.

Raven found it very hard to look at her, he wanted to turn away, wanted to run away. There was nowhere to go and nothing to do but stand back and fully appreciate his handy work all over her face. What a jagged little pill, but Raven swallowed it the best he could before he opened his mouth. "I'm gonna throw this to you, you catch it, you tie it around the bars and then I'm going to swing you this way and pull you down, got it?"

"Why? What do you care? Why should I trust you?"

"You're gonna burn in that river," Raven warned.

"So what?" She turned away from him again.

"So what? you don't deserve that, do you? You didn't do anything. Let me help you, I'll take you back to the Fields where you'll be happy."

"I was happy on Olympus," she mumbled. "You were my Brother, you were supposed to protect me, look out for me not kill me. You're only doing this so you can rule Olympus one day."

"I want to help you, please, Trin, I'm gonna throw this, we'll only get one shot if the rope lands in the river it's gone. So get up and catch it. Let me help, let me get you out of that cage." Raven waited but she didn't turn around and she didn't say anything. "I'm sorry," he muttered looking down at the rope in his hands and feeling the nasty sensation of guilt run through him. "I never should have�I'm sorry, Trin." Words he never thought he would utter fell out of his lips, "Please forgive me."


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