5 Stars, Lori Zalewski, BTS eMag: "Women of War is a gripping, page-turning drama that will be remembered long after the last page is read. In order to be fully enjoyed, I believe that Women of War should be read after reading the other books in this series. I absolutely love revisiting these characters each time a new story is released, and I am eager to see how the author concludes this series in Kingdoms of War due out in 2014"

5 Stars, Ronda Tutt, Bitten by Paranornal Romance: "The story's madness is breath taking but in between the love that is in the air though short lived as Maven meets Norman MacLeod (Celt Warrior) and produces Magdalena (Maggie / Alena). Alena's young life experiences is shocking between meeting Diana (Artemis) and witnessing her death, meeting and living with her high society father and rejection from his family, being prepared to be Cernunnos bride and having a chasity belt put on; being rescued by the God of Love Eros but heinously tortured by Apollo and finally ending up on the shores of Ares Island."

5 Stars--Kristina's Books and More: "This is definitely one of my favorite installments in the Of War series. Lisa outdoes herself every time she puts out a new story! Women of War is simply amazing!"

4 Stars--PrufReads: "Ms. Darling continues to fascinate and pull me further into the world she has created. While she has penned Gods and Warriors with inhuman strength it's actually her women, the Women of War that truly rise above."

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Welcome to
"Women of War"

by Lisa Beth Darling

Book Details:
Title: Women of War
Author: Lisa Beth Darling
Publisher: Moon Mistress Publishing
ISBN: 0615767613
Length: 192 pages
Copyright: 2013
Paranormal/Immortal Romance, Drama

Book #5 in the OF WAR Series

$25.00+ S&H


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